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Recently, the online Typically the King Casino within South Korea has been hit by a cyber attack which led to damaging its internal systems. This specific attack exploited an access code known as a 'door password' that has been being given to players who were playing at the online casino. It is estimated that at minimum $50 million offers been lost credited to the compromise. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss what happened and how the online casino is working on rectifying the concern.The hack began on the evening of April 3 rd, when the attacker started sending away enormous traffic to our server. Our community was not ready for such the large influx, in addition to we did not understand what had occurred until several customers on our server contacted us to share with us that they have been affected. We all quickly investigated the incident and applied a patch that will reduced the destruction. Since the major server was offline, we used an operating system installed to host companies data. We have got since rolled back again our database in addition to rebuilt the major server utilizing a company new software collection.Based on , we've recently been able to determine the group that conducted the assault. It is a group phoning itself 'ooks', but we do not know who they are. They are believed to have hacked into typically the information network associated with the online on line casino. Their objective appears to be to the online gaming industry and typically the rates where video games are played. These people are also stated to be enthusiastic about collecting confidential details from the repository of the online site.Our network safety is among the strongest within the industry, and we were not affected by this break. What happened is that players began to log into the on the internet slots and holdem poker games operated by TheKing. Our online systems detect virtually any attempts to intrude on our program and halt typically the access accordingly. Typically the attackers accessed the database containing the particular personal details of every single player who takes on at TheKing. This specific database included their own full name, deal with, date of birth, gender, and phone number.Once the cyber-terrorist got into the method, they apparently produced a list of all the usernames plus passwords which they will used to log into the online casino. We now have since obtained steps to encrypt just about all the usernames and passwords which can be contained in our database. We have furthermore needed to change our own security processes in order to protect our customer database from becoming accessed by any person who knows typically the usernames and passwords. This attack was not contained to 1 casino; we have got many casinos in operation in Korea and the surrounding areas.This is usually not the simply instance where To the north Korea has interfered with online gaming in Korea. In May this past year, the particular rogue state carried out a cyber attack on the particular South Korean monetary institution, the Korea Credit Card Company. Again, no info was stolen in this case, but the assault caused a great deal of damage to the South Korean economy. Our sources think that the assault was carried away by a group referred to as "ooks", which usually is a code word for hackers. This group have been blamed for several other cyber attacks on foreign web sites.Recently, there have got been reports that will North Korea provides launched an online gaming portal of which can be seen from the Web anywhere in the world. This really is obviously a very dangerous situation, especially if we do not know how these attacks are carried out. We believe that in the future internet gambling within South Korea may be possible, yet only if the government allows it and if all of the necessary controls are usually in place.Unfortunately, only a few the nations in the world have accepted the internet gaming concept. As the government of several countries might become worried about the influence of gambling online on their countries, the overall opinion is against it. For illustration, in america there usually are strong debates upon the issue of online gambling. We all think that if the government allows on-line gaming, it should offer a controlled and regulated environment thus that the on the internet gaming sites usually do not take advantage of the customers. But until then, this is one of the reasons why all of us recommend people to be able to play at typically the online Theking on line casino in South Korea.